Finalist IHVF

Twenty start-ups have been selected out of 100 candidates to take part in a special mentorship initiative involving meetings with international investors and venture capitalists.

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Atlas Biomed

United Kingdom

Atlas Biomed is a personalised health company, applying the latest genetic technologies to help you navigate towards your potential. To achieve this, Atlas Biomed has two tests: the Atlas DNA Test and the Atlas Microbiome Test. Both tests feed into the Atlas platform, which allows you to take control of your health through actionable, personalised recommendations.


Auxin Surgery


AuXin Surgery is developing medical devices for a novel method of surgery combining surgical instruments with a chemical compound that makes dissection possible without cutting. These devices will be registered as CE Class III Medical Devices in Europe and as combination devices in the USA.

The CADISS® devices have a wide range of potential applications in many surgery procedures, including open surgery and minimally invasive surgery where cutting may damage healthy organs and cause serious side effects. The market potential for the target high value indications has been evaluated to about 2.2 million operations per year.

Under the development plan, the first device could reach the market as early as 2019. Assuming a prudent market penetration on the applications proven already or being tested, the Company net sales are expected to exceed 17 million Euros after 5 years, with excellent profitability (more than 30% return on sales).


Biocompatibility Innovation (1)


The company (founded in 2014 and regularly registered in the Italian National Register of Innovative Start-up) has focused mainly on the development of new technologies for the improvement of the biocompatibility degree of biological implantable medical devices (BMD). BCI has made its efforts in the field of bioprosthetic heart valves substitutes (BHVs). BCI designed and developed the FACTA process for the treatment of soft animal tissues currently used to BHVs manufacture with the aim to increase their duration. The reliability and effectiveness of FACTA treatment has been validated by extensive in-vitro investigations and all data were reported in the scientific article entitled: “Alpha-Gal Inactivated Heart Valve Bioprostheses Exhibit an Anti-Calcification Propensity Similar to Knockout Tissues”, June 21, 2017 Tissue Engineering Part A.


Biomech Innovations (1) Switzerland
At Biomech Innovations we combine solid expertise in medical devices technology with unsurpassable passion for applied science. Following professional project management and design quality principles we are proud to efficiently and effectively execute our project.

Biomech Innovations aims at becoming a high potential company in the next four years. We want to scale up our business step-wise developing and introducing in different markets our disruptive medical devices.




CART-Tech is developing an urgently needed proprietary medical device, in essence a software product, to help improve the signs and symptoms of heart failure, a condition which is rising steadily on a worldwide basis. Its lead product, CARTBox, supports cardiologists to plan and guide the placement of advanced pacemaker stimulation electrodes (also called leads) in patients with heart failure. The product will dramatically decrease the number of incorrect lead placements and will be of great benefit to patients, cardiologists, pacemaker manufacturers and healthcare payers. The product has received CE-mark and the company is seeking finances to launch the product supported by a large clinical efficacy study.




Cellply is a biomedical company focused on the development of cell-based analytical systems aiming at predicting the efficacy of anticancer drugs on a patient-by-patient basis. We aim at changing the way patient stratification is performed by providing information currently missing in the clinical setting to match the right drug with the right patient through personalized and individualized drug response profiles.
Our approach is to test the in-vitro activity of candidate drugs on fresh tumor specimens with a highly-innovative platform suitable for being installed in the hospital setting. We hold 6 patents on the core microfluidic technology used in the platform, with 3 patents currently granted in EU, US and China.


Dianax Logo New


MISSION Contribute to human health by bringing disease screening, diagnosis and monitoring closer to the patient. OBJECTIVES The Dianax protein detection and measurement device is conceived for testing blood and other biological fluids like urine or saliva. It is precise like lab equipment, robust and durable like no other device, small like a memory stick and cheaper than current solutions. Thanks to these unique characteristics, it will contribute significantly to accelerate the POCT (Point-Of-Care Testing) adoption trend. Dianax is positioned as a specialized lab-on-chip developer and manufacturer. Dianax target customers are large pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, distributors and service providers.


EOS Effective Optical Systems


EOS S.r.l. (Effective Optical Systems) is a startup founded on 2014 with the mission of developing instruments, data analysis algorithms and libraries based on the enabling patented Single Particle Extinction & Scattering (SPES) method, for the characterization of micro and nanoparticles in biological, industrial and environmental complex fluids. SPES provides valuable information that are foreclosed to traditional technologies, thus boosting R&D as well as in-line/on-line QC processes during lab scale or industrial production of micro and nanoparticles. In addition, SPES is capable to distinguish between particles and components of complex fluids, include blood, urine, humor. This opens many opportunities, such as the monitoring of micro and nanoparticles in the context where they are supposed to operate, ecotoxicology studies or the study of the solid content of biological complex fluids, linking the eventually presence of abnormal changes to the presence or onset of diseases.




Exosomics Siena SpA is a leading innovative Company performing applied research and R&D activities in the field of exosome associated biomarkers, with a specific focus on the development and validation of proprietary immunometric multiplex assays for non-invasive cancer diagnostics and monitoring and point of care devices for cancer screening. We also develop arrays for companion diagnostics in collaboration for pharma companies.
The Company holds significant know how and intellectual property in the field of exosome sciences and is one of the major global players in this domain, providing solutions for exosome based diagnostic and prognostic applications.


Infinite Vision Optics


InfiniteVision Optics’ Mission is to provide intraocular lenses to ophthalmic surgeons that allow for the best possible vision after cataract surgery. The first product is an adjustable intraocular lens called Precisight® and has received CE-mark in 2017. The product is designed for patients who have undergone corneal surgery to improve their vision and who are now diagnosed cataract. These patients are known to have a high likelihood of suboptimal vision following cataract surgery and will benefit significantly from safe postoperative adjustments possible with the Precisight® lens system.
InfiniteVision Optics SAS is incorporated in France. It has a headcount of 6 combining regulatory, R&D, clinical trial management and sales competences in house.




InSilicoTrials is the first cloud-based platform that provides healthcare companies and researchers with easy-to-use tools to perform computational modeling and simulation in pharmaceutical and medical devices development




MyAir is a company dedicated to design, manufacturing and commercialisation of innovative wearable medical devices.
Our product AirGo tm, is a medical grade sleep and respiratory platform for 24/7 patient monitoring and diagnosis.
The platform is composed of a single comfortable thoracic strap connected with advanced algorithms and deep learning capable of tracking patients in real-time while providing actionable data to personally phenotype each patient.
Our reference markets include Sleep Apnea Screening, COPD/Asthma long term patient monitoring, and integration into homecare ecosystems, each supported with specific clinical trial evidence.
Further target markets include sports and wellness.
Our V5 device with CE Medical class IIa certification is scheduled for release in 4th quarter 2018.


Novassay Logo


A newly established ,privately owned, biotechnology company with a Pain Therapeutics program focused on the established a2d1 calcium channel target mechanism. Our lead compound, NVA1309, acting via a novel mechanism within the a2d1 channel was shown not to be brain penetrant (no CNS-driven side effects) and has also shown comparable efficacy to pregabalin (Lyrica, Pfizer)(animal Proof of Concept) in an established neuropathic pain model (Chronic Constriction Injury, CCI) which shows 88% concordance with clinical efficacy results.
Company is looking to partner with an interested organisation to take NVA1309, a FIRST IN CLASS PERIPHERALLY RESTRICTED GABAPENTINOID, into the clinical stage and at the same time to explore further the biological significance of this novel MoA within and beyond the pain arena. The safety of gabapentinoid molecules, straight forward development pathway, high unmet need and growing $3-4Bn gabapentinoid market provide attractive ROI metrics.




NuMat Medtech is developing medical coatings with the aim of achieving better features for implants such as the reduction of infections and inflammation, tissue regeneration around the implant, modulation of the osseointegrative properties and reduction of risk rejection. Above-mentioned characteristics make the biocoatings potentially appropriate for titanium implants and other metal alloys. These technologies can be used in patients with poor bone quality (diabetes, osteoporosis) and are using natural biomolecules that are stable, cheap and easy to obtain. All that features give NuMat’s technology a clear competitive advantage and open a window of opportunity to develop an outstanding product to solve unmet needs and to be addressed for the segment of premium implants.




Lower limb amputees not having sensory feedback from their prosthesis, do not feel trampled obstacles, slopes or holes, risking continuously falling, and losing confidence in the device. They report phantom pain from the missing extremity and do not feel the prosthesis as part of their body. Our solution for these problems is SENSY, a unique worldwide product, which allows amputees to naturally feel their missing limbs.




Spirohome, is an eHealth platform solution for Asthma, COPD, CF (Cystic Fibrosis) patients and health enthusiasts for respiratory care. Spirohome helps patients and health enthusiasts to better understand, track, and proactively manage their asthma and respiratory function with the help of a powerful app and smart sensors. Spirohome captures lung function with a medical-grade accurate personal spirometer and trains the use of inhaler drugs with smart Inhaler attachment. It enables its users to monitor the respiratory condition, manage symptoms and care.


Stem Sel


From now on, the life science sector has a new Made in Italy excellence for cell sorting: Stem Sel.
Stem Sel is a technology-based company founded in November 2013 for the commercial exploitation of the separative technology developed by the company founders working at the University of Bologna. The core business activity is the development and commercialization of this technology that highly select cells from complex and heterogeneous populations for research and clinical applications.
The first product is a device registered under the name of Celector®. Celector® implements an innovative and patented method developed by the company owners for the separation and selection of stem cells from different tissues (both “discarded” tissues such as placenta and umbilical cord, and “adult” tissues as lipoaspirate and dental pulp).


SunRegen Logo


SunRegen Healthcare AG is a pioneering biopharmaceutical company based in Basel Area of Switzerland. Our mission is to develop novel drugs for the unmet medical needs, especially for neurological diseases. SunRegen was co-founded by passionate, innovative and persistent founders who have track records of drug development & clinical research in big pharma and solid management experiences in multinational companies.




Company’s activity: It aims at satisfying currently unmet needs of neurological and non-neurological patients. Ópponent® line (an innovative Ankle-Foot Orthosis, AFO) represents the first product of a long series: the field lacks of free-minded thinking, but analytical and critical at the same time. Ópponent® (active EU patent: EP2242460 (B1)) is the first AFO active on the frontal plane. In facts, it is the first “frontal” AFO ever (see Project). The company was founded in late 2015, and is composed by three partners: – Diego Dolcetta, the Ópponent inventor, Neuroscientist and hemiparetic patient after a car accident – Carlo Calosso, General accountant of the company – Gaia Dolcetta, architect and designer VivacSo possesses a product needed by the market, with high aesthetic value, high competitive advantages, EU patented, already tested, ready to launch in its first Ópponent model. Other versions will rapidly follow. Company needs: See Project, BM




OUR BRAND NAME PROVIDES ALREADY OUR VISION: to improve people as well-being, performance and health by overcoming the constraints of time and space.
THERE ARE ALREADY MANY SERVICES AROUND. SO OUR OBJECTIVE IS TO DEVELOP A REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH: taking care of the individuals needs thanks to the capabilities of wireless and personal technologies that enable data-driven protocols and allow affordable and pervasive customization.
the Web, Apps, personal devices,and their boundless opportunities for communicating and sharing. We are reshaping those technologies into new, effective, user-friendly tools that improve lifestyle, well-being, performance and health.

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