StartUp Breeding 2021 Finalists

The final step of StartUp Breeding, the Atlantis Pitching Arena 2021, will take place in Genova, the 1st of October 2021.
The selected finalists will present their business proposal in front of life sciences international investors and corporate representatives. The expert jury will then assign the MIT4LS2021 most innovative award and the Special Awards.

Participation is free, the registration is mandatory at the following link.

Have a look here for finalists detailed profiles.


Atlantis Pitching Arena, 1 October 2021 – The finalists

Approxima Approxima develops a unique minimally invasive implantable device for tricuspid regurgitation and right heart failure treatment by reshaping of the right ventricle. The device targets directly the cause of the pathology (ventricular dilation) and could be offered to currently inoperable patients, solving a large unmet clinical need.
WEARnCare CoAImed develops WEARnCARE, a decision support tool for very accurate and objective Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, progression monitoring and  management, combining wearable devices, customized protocols and proprietary AI algorithms.
Complexdata ComplexData developed ARIADNE, a computational platform that can estimate the risk of metastasis in individual patients, thus helping the oncologist in designing personalized therapies and avoiding overtreatment. ARIADNE has been already clinically validated for triple negative breast cancer, and is a CE marked medical device.
Fagoterapia Lab Fagoterapia LAB develops effective treatments based on bacteriophages to eradicate drug-resistant infections (AMR) and significantly improve the quality of life of patients. Using a distinctive phage collection (phage bank) and a proprietary algorithm for phage screening, Fagoterapia LAB can develop personalized or broader-spectrum antibiotics for effective treatment of AMR chronic and life-threatening conditions.
Foresee Biosystems Foresee Biosystems developed an innovative device, using a new patented laser-based technology, for the non-invasive assessment not only of acute and but also chronic in-vitro cardiotoxicity (from several days up to few weeks monitoring), allowing the evaluation of the drug-related adverse effects on human heart cells.
Histos Històs developed a unique full thickness human skin model, composed by a viable epithelium grown on a viable native dermis, and capable to replicate morphology, responsiveness and function of the native counterpart. It extend the skin testing potential from safety to efficacy and adsorption, speeding-up the screening of protectants and repairing molecules, providing direct information on skin ageing and repairing.
Immagina Biotechnology IMMAGINA BioTechnology, the ribosome company, developed the only tools allowing researchers to capture and analyse active ribosomes in real time enabling to know what proteins are been produced and the information encoded in the RNA at the same time, accelerating the path toward the discovery of novel biomarkers and therapeutic strategies.
Medicud Medicud developed a portable, mechanical device to treat exudating wounds (affecting more than 150 M patients each year, globally) using negative pressure treatment (NPWT). Current NPWT devices are expensive and unhandy, while Medicud device shows the same performance as its electronic counterparts, but is very cost efficient and easy to use.
Performs PerFormS developed a potential treatment for psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory disease. PerFormS patented technology is able to increase Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) solubility by 100 times, making it bioavailable and very effective for long-term treatment of psoriasis plaques.  PEA is a potent endogenous anti-inflammatory compound, currently unexploited as drug due to extremely poor solubility.
Logo Quickly QuicklyPRO developed Q-WALK, a wearable device for Parkinson’s disease patients rehabilitation, based on the proven scientific rationale of using visual feedback. Q-Walk consists of a pair of knee pads that project personalised light signals on the floor to guide walking, promoting rapid learning and shorting recovery time.
Regensight Regensight developed a breakthrough medical solution providing correction of visual disorders with no incisions, consisting in controlled delivery and photo-activation of a chromophore aqueous solution into the cornea of the eye, resulting in precise remodeling of the biomechanical properties of the cornea. Targeted visual disorders are keratoconus, myopia and presbyopia.
Relief Relief proposes an innovative endo-urethral artificial urinary sphincter system to completely restore the control over urination. The device is unisex, highly innovative, effective, minimally invasive, low-cost, patient-compliant and with a very simple implantation procedure. The sphincter opening/closing is possible by simply approaching a small external magnet for few seconds.
TAG Therapeutics TAG Therapeutics developed Teleblock, a very specific inhibitor of senescence. It is an antisense oligonucleotide against RNA produced at shortened or damaged telomeres, (the trigger for most the pathways leading to cellular senescence) blocking cellular senescence at the source, while all competitive approaches intervene downstream. Inhibitor efficacy was demonstrated in animal models mimicking human diseases of old age (e.g. idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and aplastic anaemia).
VERDI, Viral Epitopes Ranked by Digital Intelligence, is an innovative AI-based technology to identify and develop personalized treatments to induce immune responses to destroy tumor cells. The approach allows developing vaccination by peptides matched to the DNA and RNA signature of the individual patient and the tumor. Its proprietary cloud AI-based application exploits large data to ensure the safety and immunogenicity of the personal peptides. First application is targeting breast cancer.
Viper Viper is developing a patented semi-automatic image-processing technology to support ultrasound (US) assessment of hydration status by US scan of inferior vena cava (IVC), a very common procedure performed on almost 10% of the emergency department accesses and of support for other medical conditions evaluation. The system allows a correct acquisition and and an accurate, standardized, clear and precise output.



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