Finalists Bootcamp2020

Atlantis Pitching Arena,  30 October 2020

The finalists pitch presentations will be held on October 30th, in virtual mode.

End of bootcamp journey, event carried out in virtual mode – SUB2020 selected startups present their business proposal in pitching sessions in front of international investors and corporate representatives. An expert jury will award the title of the most innovative startup of MIT4LS SUB2020 and the Zcube-OpenZone Special Award.

Participation is free, please register at the following link 

Atlantis Pitching Arena, 30 October 2020

SUB2020 selected companies overview

Aequip Logo Italy medical devices, diagnostics, AI, digital pathology
AEQUIP developed a very innovative decision support system for digital pathology based on AI, aiming to be a second observer to help pathologists make faster and more accurate diagnoses for timely patients treatment.

Read the interview.

Aptus AI Logo Italy medical devices, diagnostics, AI, digital imaging
Aptus.AI has developed DeepMammo, AI powered SaaS service for the early detection of breast cancer, based on the analysis of structured and unstructured data (text, audio, images and video), using proprietary deep learning technology applied to radiology workflows and imaging in mammography.
Read the interview.
CHEMICARE Logo Italy pharma, orphan drugs, calcium-related rare diseases
ChemICare efforts have resulted in the discovery and development of unique and potent inhibitors of the SOCE (Store Operated Calcium Entry) hyper-activation, representing potential therapeutic treatments for patients affected by calcium-related diseases such as acute pancreatitis and rare genetic diseases (Tubular Aggregate Myopathy, York Platelet Syndrome and Stormorken Syndrome).
Read the interview.
D Heart Logo Italy medical devices, portable ECG, telecardiology, homecare

D-Heart developed the first smartphone based, portable, hospital grade, 8 and 12-lead ECG device combining the usability required by the patient and the reliability of the ECG wanted by the doctor. Users can rely on the 24/7 tele-cardiology service to get results quickly.Read the interview.
Hucare Logo Italy e-Health, therapy adherence, patient relationship and clinical trial management system
HuCare mission is to bring the patient and the healthcare system on a secure platform to increase therapy adherence, embracing a new way of improving people’s lives. It developed a SaaS system made of a 3-in-1 platform, including a clinical trials management system (CTMS), a patient relationship management system (PRM), and a Covid-19 monitoring and tracking platform.

Read the interview

Image Description Italy medical devices, diagnostics, osteoporosis, bone fragility, software as MD
M2TEST developed BES TEST® (Bone Elastic Structure Test), a CE-marked SaaS providing bone architecture analysis service, based on low dosage radiographic images and allowing the evaluation of the actual risk of bone fracture in a totally different and complementary way to X-ray densitometry.
OaCP Logo Irland medical devices, diagnostics, IVD, oncology, fast genetic diagnosis
OaCP produces and sells proprietary CE-IVD approved chemical reagents that improve the DNA test efficiency, making possible to perform in situ hybridization tests reducing test time from 3 days to only 2 hours while saving 50% of the overall test costs. OaCP offers also a complete range of in situ hybridization probes and ancillaries.
Persimmune Logo USA pharma, cellular therapy, cancer immunotherapy, personalized medicine
PersImmune is developing cancer patients optimized immunotherapy, personalized on the basis of their own unique tumor signature. PersImmune proprietary protocol, Personal Adoptive Cellular Therapy for Neoantigens (PACTN) identifies the DNA alterations present in the patient cancer cells and generates enriched, tested, highly-specific T-cells that effectively kill the patient’s tumor cells.
Recornea Logo Italy medical devices, ophthalmology, corneal implants, keratoconus
Recornea developed GROSSO® corneal implants, the first metal ophthalmic medical device designed for the restoration of physiological shape of corneas in cases of pathological corneal shape deformations (PCSDs) with predictable visual outcomes.
SurgiQ Logo Italy digital health, AI, hospital resources optimization, automatic planning
SurgiQ is an AI based digital health platform helping hospitals optimize the utilization of critical resources such as operating theatres, beds and staff. SurgiQ makes clinical care processes more effective, less invasive and easier on patients, their families and healthcare teams by achieving targets and allowing priority-based scheduling for patients.
Teseo Logo Italy healthtech, healthy aging, ambient assisted living, AI, IoT
Teseo developed Kibi, an AI based plug&play system (series of distributed devices interacting with a wearable one) allowing for an unobtrusive monitoring and proactive motivator of a person’s well-being, without interfering with his/her habits, and automatically alerting relatives or assistance centres in case of need.
Ucare Logo Italy medical devices, acute kidney injury, intensive care unit, AI
U-Care Medical provides real-time evaluation to predict acute kidney injury (AKI) episodes, particularly relevant in ICU patients, by using innovative sensors and artificial intelligence algorithm based on patient urine output. The system provides a risk score of getting AKI within the next 12 hours, alerting doctors.
Virostatic Logo Italy pharma, kinase targeted inhibitors, oncology, infectious disease
ViroStatics is focused on the design and development of novel, highly selective, kinase inhibitors for distinct disease indications (aggressive tumours and HIV infection). Lead compound VS2-370 targeting CDK4/6/9 in a specific, unique and synergistic fashion showed differentiated efficacy and safety profile on aggressive tumours, in particular metastatic breast cancer, compared to competitors.


For more information on the selected companies, download the full booklet here.

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