10th October

11:30am – 01:00pm
The dynamic stent: the solution of a clinical problem thanks to the integration of medical needs and implementation techniques
Workshop organized by SIDAM

We will introduce a new device, finally available to the market after completion of the certification process, for the conservative dynamic treatment of benign esophageal stenosis. The device presented finds application in the “dynamic” conservative treatment of benign esophageal stenosis. Its particular function is represented by the maintenance of the patency of the esophageal lumen, appropriately dilated. During the workshop Dr. Dall’Oglio (Head Department of Digestive Endoscopic Surgery at the Bambino Gesù Hospital) will present the important results achieved thanks to a close collaboration between medical science and an innovative biomedical company.

11:30am – 01:00pm
Grow your business in Asia and Australia
Workshop organized by Health Industries SA – Government of South Australia

Regulatory frameworks for clinical trials vary across the world. In Australia, clinical trial approval is granted by an ethics committee, a process which in Adelaide takes an average of just 6 weeks, saving 6-9 months. Australian clinical results are accepted internationally. Australia is the only place where you can receive up to 43.5% cash reimbursement of your R&D cost. Free Trade Agreements with all the major Asian markets are an advantage available to European companies operating in Australia. These and other opportunities will discussed in a seminar offered by the Government of South Australia

11:30am – 01:00pm
Glance into the solutions provided by the Menarini Group
Workshop organized by Menarini Biotech

The Menarini Group is internationally recognized for their golden standard of quality achieved through an efficient strategy based on research, innovation and collaboration. During our workshop you will hear about: Menarini Biotech, a manufacturing site for the production of GMP lots of recombinant proteins for clinical trials; A. Menarini Diagnostics, focused on In Vitro Diagnostic markets like Clinical Diagnostics, Cell Pathology and Self-testing; Menarini Silicon Biosystems which develops technologies and products that help researchers understand the biological complexity of disease through the study of single cells.

02:30pm – 03:30pm
Excellence and opportunities in Life Science: the Calabrian acitivity plan
Workshop organized by Unioncamere Calabria

The workshop is organized by Unioncamere Calabria, EEN partner, in collaboration with the Calabria Region and Fincalabra, through CalabriaInnova, and with the Calabrian cluster in Biotechnology and Life Sciences managed by Biotecnomed Scarl. The main objective is to show the results of regional strategy in Life Science sector by involving research centers and companie, through several networks and partnerships on quality of life, health and food, advanced diagnostics. The workshop refers to the Calabria Region’s policies under the OPR FESR/FSE 2014-20 to enchance competitiveness of SME and research centers also through extra-regional collaborations.

02:30pm – 04:00pm
From research to the market: innovation in the health sector between desire and reality
Workshop organized by Clust-ER Industrie della Salute e del Benessere

Bringing the results of the precompetitive research of the health and life sciences sector into the market is often a very difficult job. Even in a context of international prestige, such as that of the Emilia Romagna region, the transfer of research results isn’t comparable with what’s happening in the rapidly developing countries. The Clust-ER Health talks together with Italian and European stakeholders: very innovative companies will present their success stories in the first part of the workshop; in the second part, we will discuss how different experiences try to tackle obstacles, considering technology transfer issues, constraints of the regulatory bodies and business model definition.


11th October

10:00am – 12:00pm
ESA Business Applications: Innovation and Funding Opportunities Matching Life Sciences and Satellite Data
Workshop organized by Hypatia

Satellite applications can effectively lead to the development of tailored protocols for healthcare management, as they can design innovative solutions to raise the level of the models currently considered and/or introduce alternative ones. However, the expected scenario is feasible if supported by an activity that disseminates the possibility to deal with satellite data and presents ad hoc funding opportunities toward technology transfer and market access.
The workshop introduces the ESA Business Applications Programme, the actual potential of satellite data for life sciences, the state of the art, the needs, the research in the field, and the business initiatives.

10:30am – 12:00pm
Blockchain beyond Bitcoin: a new digital revolution for the Life Science world?
Workshop organized by JSB Solutions

What is the role of blockchain in the Life Science sector? What challenges and opportunities can arise from its application? We will try to explore blockchain from a technical point of view, identifying what blockchain is and what it is not, what it can do and what it cannot do, to then evaluate the application to the e-Health sector through the latest technological innovations and finally see how a blockchain applied to an eCRF data collection system and a GMP software for training management works. Asking the right questions, giving the first answers and showing the results of a technology application that could be a response to the needs of the health and clinical research industry.

02:00pm – 03:00pm
The New Frontiers of Knowledge Engineering for Precision Medicine: A Support for Personalized Clinical Decisions
Workshop organized by EBSCO

The workshop will set out to show the state of the art of the most advanced computer tools, supporting clinicians for personalised care. Knowledge-based and machine learning technologies offer formidable opportunities to optimise diagnosis and treatment, based on the clinical characteristics of the patient. Some cutting-edge tools (DynaMed Plus, Isabel, Option Grid), with simulation of real cases, applicable in clinical practice, will be demonstrated during the workshop.

02:15pm – 04:45pm
EU-Health Innovation UTILE Marketplace – Pitching and Networking Session
Workshop organized by UTILE Project

The UTILE project (the EU-Health Innovation Marketplace) is funded by the EC and aims to analyze the results of all finished Health projects within FP7 and H2020, as well as identify and provide support services to projects with the highest potential for further valorization and exploitation. During four UTILE ‘Pitching and Networking sessions’, selected projects with assets ready for collaboration or investment within the next year will pitch in front of international investors and industry representatives, as well as discuss investments or partnering opportunities.

02:30pm – 04:00pm
Pharma development in the digital era
Workshop organized by Chiesi Farmaceutici

The pharmaceutical world is in a phase of massive changes since some years. New products are nowadays more complex from the design, development and production point of view. Authorities ask a continuous improvement in the knowledge and in the techniques, the market needs shorter a time to market and a more sophisticated product lifecycle. Two important initiatives, apparently distant each other, could give important tools to face the challenges: Quality by Design and the digital transformation led by Industry 4.0. Quality by design changes the development paradigm and Industry 4.0 gives powerful technologies: their synergy allows a way to develop products closer to new pharmaceutical needs.

03:30pm – 05:00pm
LifeSeeder: the crowdfunding of Italian Life Sciences aimed at investing in start-ups and SMEs and at finding investors
Workshop organized by Giomi Innovation and Research

LifeSeeder represents a meeting point between companies looking for new capital and investors of the sector. It is an innovative service that focuses the equity crowdfunding exclusively on Life Sciences. Investment funds, Venture Capitalists and large companies in the sector will be able to invest in the right business that seeks capital to grow. LifeSeeder boasts prominent founders from the Italian business reality: from the Giomi Group to the C.H.I.CO., a private cluster of Life Sciences.

04:30pm – 06:00pm
Excellence in cluster management: delivering value to the companies for better performance. The case of Piemonte healthcare cluster bioPmed and the ECRI project experience
Workshop organized by Bioindustry Park / bioPmed Cluster

Companies belonging to clusters show – throughout Europe – better performances in terms of innovation and market capacity. Strategic support, close science-industry relationships and high added-value services are just a few examples of how a local system of excellence can support business development. The workshop aims to present the experience of bioPmed, the Piedmont regional cluster on Healthcare and Life Sciences and the European project ECRI, which focuses on achieving excellence in the management of life sciences clusters. The workshop will be held in English and is part of the project ECRI which has received funding from the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-20).

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