The event

Meet in Italy for Life Sciences is an initiative by the ALISEI National Technology Cluster for Life Sciences.The event, founded in 2014 by Toscana Life Sciences, Confindustria Toscana, BioPmed, Assobiomedica, Assobiotec, Life Sciences Lombardy Cluster, Assolombarda and Aster, takes place in a different region every year.

Today Meet in Italy for Life Sciences is the leading national matchmaking and update event for all those interested in the themes of Life Sciences.

Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2018 will be held in Bologna from 10-12 October at Opificio Golinelli. The 2018 edition is promoted and organized by the Emilia-Romagna Region with the technical support of ASTER– the Consortium for innovation and technology transfer in Emilia-Romagna – in collaboration with the ALISEI National Technology Cluster for Life Sciences.The initiative is linked to the Enterprise Europe Network, established by the European Commission in 2008 to support the growth, innovation and internationalization of companies, and particularly SMEs, in over 60 European and non-European countries.

Representatives of local institutions and of the main company associations in related sectors are collaborating in the organization of the event.


Who is it for?

Industrial sector: an important opportunity for debate, meeting and networking for companies and start-ups operating in the life sciences sector.

Public and private research: an opportunity to discuss research activities in the context of the market and the industrial sector.

Investors: national and international ones, crucial for a medium and long-term vision and growth of the sector.

Public institutions: an opportunity to fully understand the value and potential of the life sciences sector, in order to build policies that can increase the competitiveness of Italian companies in a very complex and competitive international market.

Media: an event for keeping up to date with the sector’s latest developments and monitoring future trends. An opportunity to meet major national and international figures, important advocates of the life sciences.



Provide visibility and international opportunities to companies, innovative start-ups and other operators in the life sciences sector.

Create an opportunity for discussion between public and private stakeholders in the life sciences sector (Ministries, Regions, sector associations, technological parks, technological districts and other organizations).

Promote business opportunities at multiple levels.

Attract participants from around the world thanks to the involvement and support of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and emphasize the international dimension of the event.

Support the National Economic System in the field of life sciences.