StartUp Breeding 2022 Finalists

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The final step of StartUp Breeding, the Atlantis Pitching Arena 2022, will take place in Milan the 19th of October 2022.
The selected finalists will present their business proposal in front of life sciences international investors and corporate representatives. The expert jury will then assign the MIT4LS2022 most innovative award and the Special Awards.

More details about the finalists reported here.

Atlantis Pitching Arena, 19 October 2022 – The 15 finalists

Alma Therapeutics Logo Alma Therapeutics: by 2026, biologics will account for more than half the 100 top selling medicines in the world. However, they are administrated almost exclusively by infusions or injections. These are costly, painful, inconvenient, and affect patient adherence to treatment, compliance, and quality of life. Alma Therapeutics is developing a next-generation oral biologics delivery platform which will disrupt the way complex and biologic medicines are administrated and transform patient care.
Logo Family Help FamilyHelp.AI is an AI-powered digital care solution with dashboards and a set of tools that helps families organize in-home caregiving quickly and easily, allowing them to focus on their greatest priority: providing the best possible care to their loved ones. It includes a custom voice assistant working on consumer devices to change the way we interact with seniors and patients.
Fidelio Logo FIDELIO Medical: 1 in 3 people suffers from anaemia and iron deficiency, especially women, children under 5, the elderly and people with chronic heart and kidney disease. Catching the problem on time is crucial for treating it well and immediately, avoiding a cascade of health problems and an increase in otherwise preventable direct costs as a result of complications. In that regard, Fidelio Medical develops new sensor-based point of care and digital diagnostic solutions for anaemia and iron deficiency screening and monitoring, combining extensive screening and monitoring program for anemia and iron deficiency, consulting services and data analytics using digital tools.
Hero Health Monitoring Logo Hero Health Monitoring by Hero: Hero is a software development company based on artificial intelligence (AI) specialized in digital health. Hero developed an innovative framework based on AI (computer vision and machine learning), Hero Health Monitoring (HHM), a computer-vision-based solution that allows to detect vital signs (pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate, oximetry) and emotions through video acquisition in a contactless and continuous way. It does not need a specific acquisition device (only a video camera). The system allows overload reduction for healthcare professionals and facilitate health status monitoring at home.
Logo IMoBra By MeDICal IMoBra by Me.DI.Cal (MDC): MDC was born from the synergy between engineering and physiotherapy to solve concrete problems in the field of rehabilitation. MDC develops solutions for postural analysis, rehabilitation exercise support, orthopedic brace. In that regard, IMoBra, Innovative Modular Brace, is a new concept of orthopedic brace which, with a unique design and a specially conceived mechanism, allows it to be adapted to any size of wrist and arm. The modular basic components of the proposed brace are rings and rods, which when assembled will constitute the brace itself. Thanks to its very high modularity, comfort and ease of installation, IMoBra represents a revolutionary approach to the problem of fracture trauma.
IMPAVID Logo IMPAVID is developing a bio-artificial patch to be applied to the heart during bypass surgery (CABG) following a heart attack. The patch has three important functions, repairing the infrastructural damage, protecting the heart from the damage caused by reperfusion and/or fibrosis, and regenerating the heart by stimulating the growth of new cells. The patch is made of bio-artificial material slowly absorbed into the heart, having a unique microstructure that mimics the architecture of the heart and stimulates the cell growth, allowing also a quick and sustained release of cardio- protective and cardio-regenerative agents.
Katakem Logo Katakem: chemists use OnePot Katakem’s robotic chemical reactor – for three reasons:

– in R&D: they make their experiments 100% reproducible by delegating their manual work;

– between R&D and Production: recipes created on OnePot are volume-independent and it takes days instead of years to start producing a new molecule;

– in production: the reactor can be reconverted to a different production in a day.

Reactor sizes are 1 L, 5 L (both ready), and 100 L (under finalization).

Medlea Logo 235x160 Medlea Medlea is developing a digital platform bringing the diagnosis and prognosis of cardiorespiratory disorders to the next level of personalized medicine. Base on digital twin approach, the platform addresses the complex cardiorespiratory clinical demand for personalized, accurate and comprehensive information providing simulationg of alternative therapies assessing the organ response in full. WeResp is the first product of the platform, close to release, that provides the complete three-dimensional atlas of the lungs, from airways to tissues analysis, delivering regional ventilatory state in parenchyma and alveoli, already in use by research institutions, allowing the quantification of ventilation-perfusione in mild to severe conditions.
PhiCube Logo PhiCube: R4R – Robotics for Rehabilitation develops hardware and software solutions for the promotion of neuromotor recovery, supporting home-based out-of-the-hospital neurorehabilitation therapy. R4R first product is PhiCube, a friendly plug&play robotic device for bilateral upper-limb rehabilitation. The device is composed of an actuated central body characterized by a flexible configuration which expands the range of trainable joint movements, allowing a wide range of bilateral gestures. The portability and adaptability offered by PhiCube facilitate personalized training in telerehabilitation settings  with the support of engaging software interactive applications.
P.I.S.A. Biotech: P.I.S.A. (Post-translational Intracellular Silencing Antibodies) Biotech develops anti-post-translational modification (PTM) intracellular antibodies as a new class of drugs to be delivered by gene therapy. PTMs are involved in a number of pathologies, P.I.S.A. current focus is developing antibodies directed against neurodegenerative diseases (in particular Alzheimer’s disease). P.I.S.A. patented technology allows the identification and development of intrabodies targeting and neutralizing their antigens in the intracellular environment, with the possibility to address the early phase of neurodegeneration, and a cost reduction vs classical monoclonal antibodies treatment.
Polyrnatech Logo POLHYRNATECH:RNA-based drugs represent the new frontier of pharmacology to treat, cure and prevent multiple diseases by correcting aberrant gene expression or reprogramming cellular behaviour. The successes and therapeutic potential of RNA therapies have led to an increased demand for safe and effective nanoparticles. POLHYRNATECH contributes to the success of RNA therapies by developing: (1) novel hybrid polymeric nanoparticles capable of efficiently delivering RNA molecules to target cells, via appropriate surface functionalisation (e.g. with antibodies, peptides or aptamers), for future clinical applications, and (2) kits for their preparation, for use in preclinical in vitro and in vivo research. In addition to versatility and release specificity, POLHYRNATECH nanoparticles boast a simple and high-yield manufacturing process, high stability and the possibility to co-encapsulate other drugs, even hydrophobic ones.
Recornea Logo Recornea is a med-tech company developing therapeutic solutions for treating eye diseases. Its first product is GROSSO® Implant, a nitinol corneal implant restoring the physiological curvature of the cornea in people with keratoconus in a single, simple and minimally-invasive surgical procedure and with predictable visual outcomes, pain point of current solutions. Keratoconus is a disease causing thinning and bulging of the cornea, affecting 218 M+ eyes worldwide (2M+ new eyes worldwide every year).
U Care Final Logo Medium U-Care Medical vision is to create the first digital platform for data-driven and personalized management of kidney health within the Intensive Care. Its proprietary AI-power clinical decision support platform will empower clinicians to make personalized and faster decisions, facilitate proactive kidney care & saves lives. The first product is AKIRA: a platform module powered by clinical-grade machine learning algorithm for the prediction of moderate and severe Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) episodes in critical patients, allowing early treatment and saving lives.
VCD Medical Logo VCD Medical develops a novel minimally invasive device for the treatment of varicose veins. The company’s goal is to provide a simple and easy-to-use device to physicians, for the selective closure of superficial veins through percutaneous access under ultrasound guidance. VCD Medical device can be used as a standalone or combined with other therapies in treating varicose veins, overcoming their limitations, minimizing risk of later vein recanalization and maximizing the treatment efficacy, with significative advantages in respect to traditional surgery in terms of hospitalization and recovery times, and with less invasive aesthetic impact if compared to the scars left by traditional surgery or surgical ligation
VoiceMed Logo VoiceMed is developing a new generation of medical-grade screening tests that are fully digital exploiting vocal biomarkers in respiratory diseases. The core tech involves voice analysis and deep learning. VoiceMed is developing a smartphone app for people with asthma (300 M people with asthma in the world), for improving their breathing control through a personalized breathing programs and feedback, along with triggers and symptoms diary to support identification of what causes the attacks and how to avoid them. The goal is to decrease unscheduled healthcare visits and hospitalization, and improving health and quality of life of people with asthma, empowering them to know and manage their wellbeing.

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