Your proposal in few words

QuicklyPro is an innovative startup operating in the Healthcare sector, focusing on the invention and realisation of technological devices for rehabilitation and gait maintenance, as well as overcoming the health needs of patients through simple and effective solutions. QuicklyPro’s goal is to provide the knowledge and technical expertise to develop unique, easy-to-use tools that can free movement and radically change the lives of millions of people with mobility problems.

QuicklyPro sees patients as people and puts them at the centre of its inventions and projects: every detail is studied to provide the user with a unique experience and the overcoming of certain motor disabilities related to walking, with the consequence of maintaining the relationship with the environment and with other individuals. QuicklyPro builds its designs around the user’s needs and makes a strong scientific rationale a key point in offering a unique experience and value. A new way of innovating: patients, science and data at the heart of the project.


Color=Petroleum, Payoff=True


What is your main purpose and the idea behind it?

These concepts have led to the development of Q-Walk, a wearable device with integrated app and control software for rehabilitation and gait maintenance in people suffering from Parkinson’s disease and potentially also for other neuro-degenerative diseases. Q-WALK consists of a pair of knee pads that, when worn just below the knees, project personalised light signals to guide walking. These light signals projected onto the floor indicate to the patient the ideal support point for each step and thus guide the gait. These light feedbacks are set (also remotely) by physiotherapists based on the biological and pathological anthropometric parameters of each individual patient via the App. The integrated software makes it possible to constantly monitor the patient’s gait, activity and exercises, involving him/her at 360° in his/her treatment path.


In che modo l’esperienza Startup Breeding vi aiuta nella crescita e nello sviluppo della vostra realtà?

The Startup Breeding experience helps us in the growth of our startup to quickly and effectively understand the management of some complex issues that we inevitably face when starting a new company.

Moreover, and this is not a secondary aspect, the possibility to share the network is always of fundamental importance for small and just started companies: finding the right skills that can relate to startups is never easy.






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