As with previous editions, Meet In Italy for Life Sciences 2018 is organized according to a well-established pattern that has proved very successful with the public and operators alike.

The inauguration of the event and the opening conference “Investment trends in healthcare” will take place in the morning of October 10.  Afterwards, the first two days will be organized around 3 parallel streams (Brokerage eventItalian Healthcare Venture Forum 2018 and Thematic workshops) aimed at strengthening the Life Sciences sector and facilitating networking between companies, research centres and laboratories, investors, start-ups, national and regional institutions, industry trade groups, clusters, technological parks, incubators, universities, etc.

These streams provide new opportunities for business and discussion.

  • Brokerage eventa programme of bilateral networking meetings between companies, research centres and investors organized by the Enterprise Europe Network.
  • Italian Healthcare Venture Forum 2018 dedicated to innovative start-ups, which will take part in a mentorship programme and in pitching sessions with investors. The event is organized in collaboration with TechTour.
  • Thematic workshops, meetings that will explore specific topics in depth and include discussions with international players, to be held in parallel with the Brokerage Event meetings.

The third day will be dedicated to the international conference “Digital transformation in medicine: average is dead!” with national and international experts taking part in a discussion about new Life Sciences scenarios, in particular the relationship between P4 medicine and big data.